Safe and Efficient Adhesive Melters from Robatech

For a hot-melt adhesive, it is necessary to use high temperature to melt granulate or materials needed to make the adhesive. Some industries still use the simple melting processes where it will use the tank that will contain granulate and melt it directly from the same tank. This may cut the process, but it can be risky since operators can be exposed to the high temperature. It may also be hard to handle. That is why Robatech develops excellent adhesive melters that will bring better process and results. The melters utilize the latest technology that will give better benefits and improve the productivity of the whole manufacturing and production process.

Easy Installation of Adhesive Melters

The melters from Robatech are designed as modular tool. Since it is modular, it allows simpler and easier installation. There are many parts that can also be added and combined to the melters and it depends on the needs of manufacturers or industries that use the melters. This will not take much time to install and prepare the melters. As for the integration, it is also very easy to do. The melters also have separated tank or container for the adhesive granulate and later it can be adjusted to run automatically in melting the adhesive.

Efficient and Safe Operation for the Adhesive Melters

One of the goals in using great melters is to increase the production process. With better melters, it will be possible to have better and faster gluing process. Of course, melters will require energy and its power consumption can be quite big. However, the melters from Robatech is designed and manufactured the devices require lower energy consumption. In addition, it is totally safe compared to the regular melting tank. In this case, operators do not need to make contact the heat since the container will be in separated part of the melters. It even has CoolTouch Insulation to prevent and avoid risks of burns that can be happen during the melting process.