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Promising German start-ups

With the largest economy in the European continent, Germany is a leader as far as tech companies and start-up hubs are concerned. The German population is well versed with the technology which plays a significant role in providing start-ups with the support they need in terms of know-how. The start-ups operate in various industries and are characterized mainly by using a cloud-based platform or software. Despite a majority of the start-ups being aided by technology in their operations, most of these start-ups are also in the financial sector, which is a sector that is increasingly becoming interesting for accelerated growth and disruption. However, German start-ups aren’t limited to a particular sector only. Instead, they are in various sectors from transportation to e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and industrial applications. German start-ups involve applying technology to new heights and typically involve disruption of a broad range of industries. Though not all of the country’s start-ups are famous, some of the start-ups in Germany are renowned both locally and internationally. To see some of these start-ups, you can look at review sites such as and see how clients have reviewed them. You can also have a look at German digital services. Some of the promising German start-ups are discussed below.


Gorillas is a start-up based in Berlin and was founded in 2020. The start-up does grocery deliveries, ensuring that within 10 minutes, you have them at your doorstep. Its mission is to change how grocery delivery is done. It does the grocery deliveries at retail prices. Its founders are convinced that there’s a need to ensure the delivery of groceries is achieved more conveniently and faster. The app enables a person to select from a broad product selection such as dairy, cooled drinks, vegan products, and fresh fruits. The start-up is present in Cologne and Berlin and is expected to expand to other cities soon.  So far, the start-up has raised €37 in Venture capital funds.


Limehome was founded in 2018 and comprises an innovative apartment rental start-up that provides long and short stays serviced apartments. It covers commercial spaces into trendy apartment hotels and has a tech platform from which it operates them for leisure and business travelers. Limehome aims at combining the convenience and coziness of a stylish apartment with the quality standards that hotels offer. Presently, Limehome: is operational in 32 cities throughout the country and is beginning to expand to Austria and Germany. In terms of funding, this Munich-based start-up has raised about €36 and continues its acceleration of the hotel industry’s digital revolution.


Headquartered in Berlin, Infarm is a start-up whose main aims are to ensure that cities become more self-reliant and crackdowns on the environmental impacts caused by farming. The start-up has its systems for hydroponic agriculture that distribution centers, restaurants, and grocers can use. Each hydroponic system is capable of growing diverse types of plants irrespective of the weather.


It is a start-up headquartered in Berlin to significantly decrease the number of personal cars on the roads and reduce carbon emissions. It achieves this by providing people with smarter routes to reach their destination. Dedicated to hiring forward thinkers and innovators, this start-up provides free drinks and delicious breakfasts to its employees and helps its staff relocate.


This start-up is based in Dresden and aims at industrial robot democratization by making it possible for anyone to program a robot through example-based teaching and smart-input devices. The start-up was founded in 2017 and comprises software that tracks human motion to control industrial robots. It enables operators to by demonstration teach tasks involving automation. Wandelbots software is made with a machine learning model founded on various demonstrations and produces automation workflow. The start-up in 2018 alone raised €6 million from EQT ventured and Paua Ventures.


This is a start-up based in Berlin that aims at generating “aha moments” to scale. The young company was established in 2018 and is a mobile platform that aids professionals to perform their careers while having greater focus, engagement, and productivity. They have a turnkey development and learning solution that blends 1:1 video coaching sessions together with nonstop micro-learning sessions. Basically, this start-up makes it possible for organizations to scale their workforce with world-class executive coaching. The start was able to be raised €4.8 seed funding.

 In conclusion, Germany is a famous technology hub globally. It has systems, policies, and an environment that natures innovation. This article has sought to explore some of the country’s most promising start-ups.