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Is Germany an example of a country with cutting-edge technology?

Countries all around the world are putting in their best to develop technologically providing solutions to problems at the domestic and industrial level. While some are still at the elementary level technologically, others have made tangible progress but Germany though not at the top yet but has been able to stay above many others producing state of the art products to meet the needs of the present day.

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However, it’s safe to say Germany is an example of a cutting edge technologically driven economy. But this is not to exonerate them totally as there are still lapses that need to be fixed. Good, the country has made giant progress in technological development but not being able to advance to the highest level yet. For example, during the break out of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in Germany swiftly switched over to online classes but that didn’t work due to many factors such as technical know-how, unstable network connection, and faulty devices among others.

However, this is not to dismiss the impressive achievements the country has made in technology. For example, Germany today has driverless trains, robotic warehouse, driverless package deliveries, touchscreen ATMs, invisible camera, and many others spread across all sectors of the economy. It is worthy to note that these products are not common in many countries of the world. Adding all these together, it’s safe to use Germany as an example of a cutting edge technology but, there are still gaps to be filled. In other words, Germany still has more to do technologically if they must be the pacesetter and fully crowned cutting edge technology.

Apart from the wide usage of these technological products in Germany, most of them are also made in Germany. The implication is that the country has several technology companies that provide technological products. Prominent amongst the reputation of Germany among other countries is the fact that the first car was developed in Germany. This was a feat achieved by Karl Benz, who invented the first car sometime between 1885 and 1886. Today, Mercedes Benz remains one of the most popular brands of car in the world, especially if you are looking for quality.

A major activity in Germany that has been instrumental to the cutting-edge technology available in Germany is research and development. This is very important in manufacturing as it is often the bedrock of any new technology products developed. Furthermore, research and development remain relevant in further improvements that can be made to the product. There is a lot of difference between the first types of cars that were invented when compared to the cars that you see today. Regular improvements are carried out on the speed of the car, the efficiency of the car, look of the car, and durability of the car among others. All of these require a lot of research to find out what should be done to achieve the desired result.